Canada Express Entry How It Works

In January 2015, The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada introduced a new System known as the Express Entry System. Ever since that time, follow up reports have revealed that the Express Entry successfully helped to reduce visa processing duration to as little as 6 months, in 80% of the cases.

Express Entry has helped to move Canadian immigration from a first-come-first-served system to one in which candidates can be ranked against the other in the Express Entry pool based on their qualifications. As such, only the highest ranked candidates are given Invitation to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence visa.

While submitting an Expression of Interest, an applicant can include spouse information in the application. The qualifications of the spouse like education, work experience, language skills etc., can help to increase your overall Comprehensive Ranking System scores.

Double Your Chances

When you submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), you are reckoned as the principal applicant. However, because you can include your spouse or common law partner, you have the opportunity to double your chances in the Express Entry pool by filling out two EOI’s, one where you are the principal applicant and the other when your spouse or partner is the principal applicant.

As soon as both of you get into the pool, you can also create two profile for the Canadian Job Bank. Since a job offer from a Canadian employer gives a candidate extra 600 CRS points (out of 1200), a job offer will likely mean you will get an invitation to apply faster than those who do not have. If you and your spouse have got two different profiles, you have chances of also receiving job offers separately.

Also, you are twice as likely to be picked by any of the Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs. A selection by a PNP also gives extra 600 CRS points. However, two of you will not need an ITA for permanent residence, just one is okay. Once one of you gets an ITA, the other can withdraw their profile while you continue your immigration plans with the other successful profile.


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