Do You Want to Migrate to New Zealand

With a temperate climate, a beautiful landscape, accessible public services, and wonderful people, there is no end to the allure of New Zealand.
The government extends unparalleled support to families wanting to live and work. The living choices are endless – from open, suburban space in which the kids can run around, to even more open space in the countryside that is perfect for the animals, or in bustling cities or seaside towns.

The government will help guide you, from access to welfare to support if someone in the family has an accident or work is interrupted due to sickness or unemployment.

With a top-ranked education system and quality, affordable healthcare, New Zealand’s lifestyle is easy to navigate and thoroughly rewarding.

With one of the highest populations of foreign-born citizens, nearly 20% of New Zealanders were born overseas. You will feel at home. And you will realize quickly just why foreigners choose New Zealand. They too will commend you for your good choice.

Sync Visas can make your dream of moving to New Zealand an easy and stress-free reality. Whether through immigrating, studying in New Zealand, getting your spouse visa or by retiring, our honest and reliable consultants are standing by ready to help you every step of the way.

Why choose Sync Visas? We’ll only accept applications once checking that our clients meet all the necessary criteria. We are so confident that we will get you your Visa that we provide a money-back guarantee.


Fill out the Free Visa Assessment Form and one of our Professional Immigration Consultants will call you back and assess your qualification. The results will be discussed and given over the phone.

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