I recommend the Sync Visas

  September 13, 2017   Prabhjot Singh

I was looking to get some high level advice on my visa situation given extended absences from Germany and heard very good things about the Sync Visas and felt there was little to lose taking advantage of the free advice offer. The advice was clear, blunt, and navigated the circumstantial information well. I recommend the…..

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I’m Impressed from Sync Visas

  September 9, 2017   Sakhawat Alikhan

Just a note to say thank you for the incredibly relaxed atmosphere you provided. You have a very magnetic personality, accented by the truth of gentleness. Not a bad combination at all. I’m impressed and honored to have had the opportunity to meet you. Applied for Dubai visa and received in 2 days flat. Thank you…..

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Provide Greate Service

  September 6, 2017   Shidul Rashid Khan

When I contacted the Sync Visas I was seeking immigration advice on how to move forward with my Australia Visa application. I had previously read about Sync Visas, and his good reputation as a visa consultant and was pleased with the advice I received. You have cleared all my worries and concerns with the nagging…..

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Thank You Sync Visas

  September 4, 2017   Barbara Waseem Afsar

I would like to thank all members of Sync Visas Group for helping me to grant my 5 visa. All team members are so supportive and professional. I thank’s to whole team, who were always there to help me and provide best options. Each time I try to reach Sync Visas it was so easy…..

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