Update About Canada Express Entry System

The demand for experienced and highly skilled professionals keeps increasing across Canada and on the 1st of January 2015, the Canadian government had to launch a new program to cater for the increasing numbers known as the Express Entry Program. This is an altogether new electronic immigration system that will help to manage Canada visa application from UAE and other parts of the world in a fast and efficient manner for the following:

1. The Federal Skilled Workers Program

2. The Federal Skilled Trades Program

3. The Canadian Experience Class Program

Please note that the Provincial Nominees Program from qualified provinces are also included in the Express Entry system. As such, provinces and territories in Canada that need qualified and skilled foreigners will have the access to review profiles within the Express Entry platform to select or “nominate” skilled workers for their PNP programs if they meet their set criteria.

There are two major stages involved in the Express Entry System of Immigration to Canada.

The first stage is where the applicant submits an online Express Entry profile. This profile will include details such as educational background, language skills, job skills, work experience, age and other details required. All those who satisfy the requirements of “economic migration” programs that are listed above will be placed in a pool where they will be ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) criteria. Those who qualify with a Canadian job offer or who have received a nomination from a territory or province in Canada will be scored high in the system.

Those who don’t have a job offer or a territorial or provincial nomination will have to register will the Canadian Job Bank which will connect them to eligible employer in Canada. This can help the applicant secure a job offer. Provinces and territories in Canada and all eligible employers will have access to the job bank and they are free to nominate or offer employment to these applicants who meet their requirements for Canadian immigration from UAE and other parts of the world.

The second stage involves a review of the qualifications of the applicants in the pool. Points will be given based on skills, experience, age and other factors. Those who are found to qualify will be issued Invitation to Apply for PR visa to Canada. Those who are served the ITA will have 60 days to submit an electronic application which will be processed within 6 months. Those who do not get an ITA for PR visa will be removed from the Express Entry pool after 12 months but they are free to resubmit their profile to re-enter the pool.


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